Understanding why you REALLY perform Cross Browser Testing

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Often the term Cross Browser Functionality Testing is used in the web application world but many don’t understand the major reason it is necessary.

My very first article for BIT Tech Digest focused on the role of Software Quality Assurance Testing and what it takes to be a successful QA Professional. I also mentioned Cross browser testing which included a scenario for testing a video player as an example.

Read article in more detail below:

Number 1 Reason to become a Software Quality Assurance Professional…

To break things down a bit more, all browsers use a “Web Browser Engine” to display content. The Web browser engine is also known as the rendering engine or layout engine. Simply put, even when you are testing the same browser but different versions of it, you will most likely be using an older “Web browser Engine”. This is why you may see a client request for testing Safari 3 and Safari 4 as Safari 3 will most likely be using an older version of the web browser engine.

Read about Web Browser Engine’s in more detail below:


A few of the Web browser Engine’s are listed below:

Trident – used by Internet Explorer and developed by Microsoft
Gecko – used by Firefox and developed by Mozilla
Webkit – used by Safari and Chrome, initially developed by Apple but has since expanded

When building a product it is important for everyone involved in the delivery of the product to know which browsers to focus the most development and testing on. You can do this by using a browser usage counter such as the W3Counter.

Below is an article from Impressive Webs with a list of browser counters:


There are many times where QA Testing is simply saying, “let’s test, let’s get this done”. However, for your own knowledge you may want to try and understand the inner workings of why you are doing something. As the knowledge you gain may end up being the knowledge you use to impress someone on an interview or at a networking event.

“Testing is a skill. While this may come as a surprise to some people it is a simple fact.” (Fewster, Graham”)

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