BIT Startup of the Week: DOSS – “Disrupting the real estate industry with Artificial Intelligence”

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Searching for a place to live is a very intimidating and exhaustive experience but millions of people suffer through it every year. The process is tedious. Searching through hundreds of online listings for the right look and searching even more listings for all the right information, is a grueling mental task. It’s no wonder why real estate agencies demand the percentages that they do.

A company called DOSS is looking to change all of that by using Artificial Intelligence to make the process of searching for a place to live, a much easier and less intimidating one for everyone.

Q. Who founded your company?

A. Bobby Bryant is the sole founder of the company.

Q. Give us a brief summary of your background in tech.

A. I’m actually not the tech guy. I’m the visionary! I know the real estate industry and how it can be evolved by leveraging technology.

Q. Tell us about your company.

A. DOSS was founded October 2015. We initially was pitching IBM for my real estate brokerage firm. The commission based model of a real estate brokerage didn’t fit into IBM’s wheelhouse. So, they declined us. I repackaged and restructured us and pitched them a week later with DOSS. They loved it and the rest is history. We executed our Commercial Partnership Agreement with them the end of January 2016.

Q. What does your company do or make?

A. DOSS is the world’s 1st Artificial Intelligence Real Estate Advisor. We are creating an A.I. based cognitive search engine that is evolving the way the world searches for a place to live.

Q. What problem does your company aim to solve?

A. Getting rid of boring search queries and boxes and consolidating BIG DATA into one simple and superior real estate application. Even better, we save everybody time by giving them accurate, on-demand, and unbiased information when they need it…

Q. How does the current version of your product solve that problem?

A. We are rolling out our BETA in August 2016. We are currently in development.

Q. What is your company’s mission?

A. To evolve the way the world searches for a place to live.

Q. What has been your biggest challenge as a startup founder?

A. Raising capital

Q. Did you ever feel like giving up?

A. No! I know with every fiber of my body that we are on to something special.

Q. What lessons did you learn from that challenge?

A. I routinely step away to keep an outside-in approach to our technology. I listen! I realized that nobody owes it to me to understand me. It’s my job to be understood. So, my pitch needs to be concise and convincing.

Q. What has been your biggest victory?

A. The IBM Watson Commercial Partnership Agreeement

Q. How did it make you feel?

A. Un-Explainable!! It should be illegal how I screamed like a little girl when we secured the partnership. It made me feel legit and it confirmed our belief that we were on to something special.

Q. What lessons have you learned from your successes?

A. Adjust fast and often! Ask objective questions and listen! Learn how to be a walking filter! Manage your mental madness! We all have to be a little bit crazy to believe we can change the world.

Q. If you could only give one piece of advice to an aspiring tech startup founder, what would it be?

A. Ask less and research more! Build your beliefs based on data and facts! Be careful what you let people pour into you! Dream Killers are on every corner…

Q. Has your company received funding? If so, what type of funding? From who?

A. We are bootstrapping all the way to BETA. We haven’t received funding from a third party source. My team is monetarily vested.

Q. How can users find more info on your company?

A. People looking for more information can visit

Q. Where can they download the app?

A. App will be available in August 2016

Q. How can they sign up for your service?

A. Realtors can sign up on our website to participate in the BETA

Q. How can people contact/follow you/your company?

A. Twitter @askdossnow



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