#BITTechTalk ep. #104 w/ Derick Pearson Founder of BlackTech Week

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Happy New Year everyone! We are back after a long hiatus and a change of venue. On this exciting episode of the Blacks In Technology #BITTechTalk podcast we will be speaking with social entrepreneur and founder of BlackTech Week, Derick Pearson.

About our guest:

derick pearson ep 104Derick Pearson is a social entrepreneur with an authentic voice for change, particularly in the areas education technology, and the growth of local ecosystems for entrepreneurs of color nationally. Mr. Pearson’s focus is to invest and implement programs in communities that have an existing startup ecosystem where marginalized groups are disengaged.

In 2008, Felecia Hatcher and Derick Pearson founded Feverish Pops, a venture backed frozen desert company, raising a seed round of three-quarters of a million dollars. Derick Pearson with is wife, Felecia Hatcher, started BlackTech Week in 2015. BlackTech Week builds and diversifies startup ecosystems. BlackTech Week is a national conference designed to support entrepreneurs of color who are in the startup phase of potential high-growth businesses.

BTW provides an inclusive and innovative hub for investment in entrepreneurs of color promoting and supporting sustainable economic development in our communities. Since it’s inception, BlackTech Week has convened over twenty-two hundred black technologist in Miami, it has fostered seven million dollars in deal flow as of fall 2016.

Derick and Felecia created a 501c3, Code Fever Miami Inc, which has been diversifying, supporting, and scaling the tech ecosystem in Miami since 2013. Code Fever builds and diversifies tech ecosystems. Code Fever is designed to train and support technologists of color who are in the startup phase of potential employment, and entrepreneurship in potential high-growth businesses. CF’s investment in technologist of color promotes and supports sustainable economic development in the communities where we work. Since it’s inception, Code Fever has exposed over two thousand youth to stem careers and training.

About BlackTech Week:

Blacktech Week was established in 2014 by Code Fever to provide more impactful programming around Black History Month. In addition to celebrating innovators of color, the entire week of events aims to change the narrative surrounding our community and replace it with innovation, creativity and technology that stretches the trajectory of our community. Blacktech Week’s focus is thinking beyond today and tomorrow in order to build a diverse and connected organization for the diaspora. Blacktech Week will serve as the platform to acknowledge, celebrate, and support innovative thought provoking conversations & content by people of color.



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Books mentioned:

Marcus Garvey: Message to the People – The Course of African Philosophy 

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