#BITTechTalk episode #54 with guest Nigel Kersten

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In this episode of the Blacks In Technology podcast, Greg and Ayori are joined by CIO/VP of Operations at Puppet Labs, Nigel Kersten. Listen as we talk about the Puppet configuration management tool, diversity and hiring practices in technology, DevOps and much more. 

About Nigel Kersten:


Nigel came to Puppet Labs from Google HQ in Mountain View, where he was responsible for the design and implementation of one of the largest Puppet deployments in the world. He’s been a sysadmin for Linux and Mac deployments since before Mac OS became a UNIX, and is currently responsible for technical operations and business optimization at Puppet Labs.

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  • Henry A. McKelvey

    He makes some very good points. The problem is that it is not how recruiters think, sad but true. They are given set qualifications and dis-qualifiers. It is sad to say that Race, Age, Disposition, Gender, and Sexual Orientation are used as dis-qualifiers. There is hope, but remember the crew of many a ship died with hope. Sad but true, a hard truth but still it is truth. His views on the treating of servers is spot on, that’s one of the reasons they are called “server farms”.