#BITTechTalk Podcast ep. #100 w/ Samara Lynn, Brandy Foster and Kyle Ofori

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On this special edition of the Blacks In Technology #BITTechTalk podcast we are celebrating our epic milestone of reaching 100 episodes, and having a “two parter” which will include 3 guests.

During the first part of our podcast we will be joined by long time BIT member and friend Samara Lynn, Technology Editor for Black Enterprise. She will join us to discuss the upcoming Black Enterprise TechConneXt Summit event.

The second part of our podcast will be spent speaking with software developers, instructors and speakers, Brandy Foster and Kyle Ofori of Detroit’s, D-Code.

D-Code is an after-school program created to teach students the fundamentals of coding and software development. It is a partnership between Detroit Labs, Public Solutions Group, and Detroit Edison Public School Academy (DEPSA)’s Early College of Excellence. The students were introduced to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript over the course of four months through project-based assignments and group exercises.

About our guest

KyleOforiKyle Ofori (@KyleOfor) was a mobile developer at Detroit Labs from September 2014 to July of 2016. His primary platform is Android, though he has since explored iOS and web development languages. He is a graduate of Detroit Labs’ apprenticeship program. Kyle enjoys teaching young people about the fundamentals of computer programming as a way to provide them with new opportunities; he recently co-taught a course in web development. He has been an enthusiastic resident of Detroit, though he is now moving away for graduate school.




me_slayingBrandy Foster (@bcwf) is an Android Developer at Detroit Labs. She started her journey into the controlled chaotic world of app development through the DL apprenticeship program in 2014. She graduated the program in 2015 after having to take an additional month to recreate her final project. Since then she’s been on a team working with an automotive company. She’s like, Cinderella only Black and she doesn’t dust. Brandy’s full time job is that of a mother to two amazing boys who simultaneously drive her insane and to greater levels of patience. As the eldest approaches puberty, she’s almost reached saint status. She’s an avid reader of science fiction. An ex-gamer. Occasional poet. Always self.


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