Blacks In Technology presents …..The Tech Life

Blacks in Technology is pleased to announce The Tech Life — a continuing Google Hangout web series that discusses the behind the scenes life of PoC in tech.

Why “The Tech Life”

For the past several years we’ve heard our community share stories about what it’s like “living” in tech — from starting companies, to going on interviews, to working (and living) in different environments. The Tech Life is our effort to showcase those stories in a more cohesive way. The chats are still vital, but the webseries can help summarize what y’all have learned living The Tech Life.

“Getting Hired”

The first video installment of The Tech Life series will be “Getting Hired”. “Getting Hired” will feature PoC in tech that are working for larger, high-profile tech companies such as Google, Apple, Salesforce etc. (versus smaller, more entrepreneurial start-up tech companies). This was done intentionally to provide some attention to a side of tech that, while popular, is often overlooked in media conversations. A member of the Blacks In Technology organization will participate in a candid discussion with our participants, whom will give practical and actionable advice that will aid our members in becoming world class tech professionals.

What topics will be covered?

“Getting Hired” will cover a variety of topics that will assist our community with career planning and progression. Those topics will include personal advice, skill development, resume tips, interview strategies, and touch on what to expect once you start and move up the ladder.

The point of this portion of the The Tech Life series as a whole is to raise the profile of PoC outside of the startup community. Getting Hired will highlight career options in traditional corporations, hopefully serving as a career development resource for those in the BIT community that are curious about this route.TheTechLifePageBanner

Previous Episodes:

Episode #1 “Getting Hired” w/ Mike Dorsey, Software Developer at Amazon

Episode #2 “Interning in Silicon Valley w/ Kymberlee Hill and Camille Eddy

Episode #3 “Getting Hired” – Outreachy, Paying Underrepresented Groups to work in Open Source Software w/ Tony Sebro”

Episode #4 “Getting Hired” w/ Brian Reaves – Sr. VP at SAP

Episode #5 “Getting Hired” Engineering at GitHub” with Jasmine Greenaway and Stanley Goldman

Episode #6 “Getting Hired” Engineering at Puppet with Grace Andrews and James Jones

Upcoming Episodes: