What is a Product Manager and Why Does My Startup Need One?

By Andy Ayim 1 Comment

By way of introduction, I am a product manager at a high growth Fintech company based in London. Prior to this, I co-founded a music discovery and streaming platform with over 100,000 loyal fans called Mixtape Madness. I also love Read more…

Roman Pichler’s Vision, Strategy and Tactics diagram

How Blacks In Technology Helped Me Level Up in Tech

By Aqueelah Grant 4 Comments

In this article, one of the first BIT contributors recalls her journey in tech from entry level to owning her own business. Continue reading

Nineteen Year Old Author Raises STEM Awareness With Children’s Book

By Chevan Baker 0 Comments

A lack of diversity in STEM fields inspired 19-year-old Washington D.C. native, Sasha Ariel Alston, to address the issue head on by authoring a children’s book: Sasha Savvy Loves to Code. Continue reading

Bay Area Film Screenings Highlight African, Millennial Entrepreneurs

By Michael Jenkins 1 Comment

Two free events in the San Francisco Bay area will offer exclusive opportunities to view films that follow the lives of African and millennial entrepreneurs. Along with the screenings, the events will include question and answer sessions with people close to the projects. Continue reading

Black Entrepreneurs in Maryland Offered New Source for Seed-Round Funding

By Michael Jenkins 1 Comment

In Maryland, A government backed venture capital firm and a private bank have come together to fund minority entrepreneurs. The Maryland Technology Development Corp (TEDCO) and the black-owned Harbor Bank of Maryland have partnered to create a program that offers Read more…

#BITTechTalk Podcast ep. #103 w/ Courtney and Tye Caldwell of ShearShare

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On this episode of the Blacks In Technology #BITTechTalk podcast we are joined by Courtney and Tye Caldwell, Founders of the startup ShearShare, an app that connects salon and barbershop owners to individual beauty operators to fill unused salon suites and stations on Read more…

6 Things I’ve Learned From Interviewing Black Female Founders

By Rose Espiritu 0 Comments

Over the past 2 months, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing black women founders on my podcast, HustleNRose, who have made their mark in Technology, Nonprofit, and Creative ventures. These women are building technology companies with a social justice component and Read more…

Why the Matrix Still Has You

By Donte' Ormsby 6 Comments

“The Matrix” was one of the best, thought-provoking movies ever made (and yes, I am referring to the first one, not the sub-par sequels). The metaphors, similes and analogies that can be derived from the story are many – thus Read more…

3 Silent Killers of Small Businesses

By Donte' Ormsby 0 Comments

Most of the businesses we work with succeed, but that’s not always the case. Recently a Pilates and Yoga studio owner had to close her doors in the Bronx, New York. Not because of slow sales, and because of a Read more…

BIT Startup of the Week: Vet’s Who Code – “Training Troops for a career in Tech”

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Q: Who Founded your company? A: Myself and Alexis (Lex) Brown II are the original co-founders of FRAGO. Lex will eventually lead the Atlanta squad, once we are able to expand our operations there. Q: Give us a brief summary Read more…

BIT Startup of the Week: Fresh Stax “Making fresh produce accessible to everyone”

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Access to fresh produce has always been a problem for urban communities. Grocery stores and healthy restaurants are scarce while corner stores that sell liquor, tobacco and junk food are more abundant. Whether or not you think this is by Read more…

BIT Startup of the Week: RetraceHealth – “Affordable, Convenient and Personal Primary Care”

By Blacks In Tech 0 Comments

Just about everyone has experienced visiting the doctors office for an ailment only to be sent home with nothing but advice on treatment. In the end you wind up wasting a lot of time and a lot of money. RetraceHealth hopes Read more…

BIT Startup of the Week: Venue Center – “Making it easy for you to find event space”

By Blacks In Tech 0 Comments

Whether it’s a deal on airfare, car rentals, hotel stays,  or bed and breakfasts, one thing is for certain, people love deals and what they love even more, is being able to find deals easily. Expedia, Priceline, Airbnb, and many Read more…

#BITTechTalk ep. #89 w/ Natasia Mailahollo CEO and Co-Founder of Wyzerr

By Blacks In Tech 0 Comments

On this episode of the Blacks In Technology #BITTechTalk podcast, we will be speaking with the CEO and Co-Founder of Wyzerr, Natasia Mailahollo. This is Natasias second startup venture and we will explore how she went from law student to Read more…

#BITTechTalk ep. #84 w/ Jenifer Daniels – CEO and Co-Founder of Colorstock

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On this episode of the Blacks In Technology #BITTechTalk podcast we sat down and spoke with Jenifer Daniels of Colorstock. Colorstock is a stock photo destination filling the growing need for authentic depictions of people of color. The company offers images of Black, Asian, Read more…

Tech808 conference coming to NYC!

By Blacks In Tech 1 Comment

Tech808 the Hip Hop inspired tech conference is coming to NYC Monday November 9th at NYU in partnership with the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. Tech808 is a one­day tech conference for minority and millennial entrepreneurs. Tech808’s mashup of Hip Hop Read more…

#BITTechTalk ep. #78 w/ Brandon Terrell – Founder of Nomadic Technologies

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On this episode of the Blacks In Technology #BITTechTalk podcast, Greg Greenlee sits down with guest Brandon Terrell, Founder of Nomadic Technologies. Brandon Terrell, known to his colleagues and friends as BT, has been trailblazing a path within the startup community Read more…

Black Founders launches entrepreneur mentoring program – FoundersxMentors

By Blacks In Tech 0 Comments

Black Founders has announced their newest program, FOUNDERSxMENTORS — a one-on-one mentor program for startup entrepreneurs. A select number of high-potential entrepreneurs will be paired with an experienced entrepreneur mentor. You’ll meet at least once a month and get the Read more…

#BITTechTalk ep. #68 with Sian Morson CEO of Kollective Mobile

By Blacks In Tech 2 Comments

(Because of previous technical issues this podcast was rescheduled from Jan 22nd) On this episode of the Blacks In Technology #BITTechTalk podcast we welcome back our good friend, author, founder, speaker and digital strategy expert, Sian Morson. Sian is the CEO/Founder Read more…

#BITTechTalk ep. 70 with Nnena Ukuku — “Bitcoin, what you need to know legally”

By Blacks In Tech 1 Comment

On this episode of the Blacks In Technology #BITTechTalk podcast, we are talking Bitcoin again. On our last podcast about Bitcoin we discussed the technical ins and outs of the digital currency. This episode we are joined by Nnena Ukuku, tech start-up attorney Read more…

How Miami is promoting tech innovation and diversity with Black Tech Week

By Blacks In Tech 1 Comment

Q: What is Black Tech Week? A: Black Tech Week features a week-long series of events aimed at promoting tech innovation during Black History Month. Black tech innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors will converge in Miami for the inaugural Black Tech Week from Read more…

#BITTechTalk episode #69 w/ Jibril Sulaiman

By Blacks In Tech 1 Comment

Joining us on this episode of the Blacks In Technology #BITTechTalk podcast is serial entrepreneur and technology businessman, Jibril Sulaiman.   Bio: Jibril Sulaiman II is the president of Pay Cell Systems, a technology company that specializes in solutions for the Read more…

Minority Led Technology Startup Creates the Urban Emoji app: Eboticon™: in an Asian and White Male Dominated Technology Industry

By Blacks In Tech 0 Comments

It’s no secret that Silicon Valley and the high tech industry in general is dominated by men of certain races. However the tide might be slowly turning with the introduction of a minority-owned start-up from Atlanta, Eboticon LLC. The groups Eboticon emoji app Read more…

Founders Hour Is Back

By Jewell Sparks 2 Comments

On July 30, 2014, Blacks in Technology in collaboration with BiTHouse will kickoff “Founders Hour,” for a period of 6 months.  During this time, we will tell the stories of Founders who are impacting the lives of others and the Read more…

BIT at Solid 2014: Where Hardware and Software Meet Everywhere

By dchayes 0 Comments

Solid is O’Reilly Media’s first conference wholly dedicated to the intersection of hardware and software around what is popularly referred to as IOT or the Internet of Things. Held at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, CA May 21 Read more…

Blacks in Technology “Stomps the Divide” with GLAZEDcon 2014

By Jewell Sparks 1 Comment

BiT and BiTHouse have joined forces with GLAZEDcon 2014 to “Stomp the Divide” and “Minimize Barriers to Entry” for Blacks in Technology. Join us at #GlazedCon by ‪WearableWorld on June 3-4 in San Franciso at the Regency Center and receive Read more…

Help Blacks in Tech Fund Startups: Get VUE with Brian Clark

By Ayori S. 0 Comments

People ask me all the time “Who are the African Americans in technology? What can we do to help them?” I want to highlight one today who is on the grind every day about his business and deserving of our support. As Read more…

Help Blacks in Tech Fund Startups

Technologists and Coders: Driving Innovation Hackathon Presented by Toyota

By Jewell Sparks 0 Comments

BLACK ENTERPRISE will host its first Driving Innovation Hackathon presented by Toyota, where technology and creative minds will come together to build tools that demonstrate the advantages of sustainability. Leaders of the technology and innovation communities will judge which team Read more…

Inside Bitcoins NYC

By Jewell Sparks 0 Comments

Whether you’re a venture capitalist, lawyer, technologist, entrepreneur, regulator, or public policy expert, their agenda offers the latest intelligence for everyone and anyone interested in learning more about bitcoin. The conference will take a glimpse into bitcoin’s future with sessions Read more…

The Future of Wearable Tech & Why You Need to Care

By Ayori S. 2 Comments

The term “Wearables” has got to be my favorite buzz word that is “blowing up” all over the place. Everyone is using the term and talking about “Wearable tech”, but like “Big Data” few people actually have a clue what Read more…

For Entrepreneurs, it’s all about Execution

By Charles Belle 0 Comments

Startup Weekend events are one of the most fun and practical events anyone can participate in. In just 54-hours, participants will learn about themselves as entrepreneurs, build new friendships, and potentially launch a new business that could change their lives Read more…

What is a Hackathon Anyway? Behind the Scenes, Organizing Startup Weekend Oakland – Black Male Achievement

By Ayori S. 4 Comments

I love Oakland. I always have. There is a specialness in the people of this area we like to call the “town”. There is a special history of this region as well which makes the conversation of technology and innovation Read more…

Entrepreneurs and Affordable Care Act, Subsidies are Available

By Jewell Sparks 1 Comment

Recently, I was asked to provide a quote for a journalist of a tech publication wanting to write a story on minority entrepreneurs and health care.  The question really got my head spinning and as a result, I am sharing Read more…

50 Marks the Spot: Podcast “Founders Hour” Founders Come Together to Discuss the WILL of Entrepreneurship

By Jewell Sparks 0 Comments

Tonight we will conduct our 50th podcast.  Thank you to those who have supported us and chimed in to get us where we are today.  Our topic tonight is a very important one.  We will have an opportunity to hear Read more…

Tell Me More #NPRBlacksinTech

By Jewell Sparks 0 Comments

NPR kicked off an effort to to recognize black innovators in technology on December 2, 2013.  NPR’s Tell Me More has been utilizing Twitter to engage the African-American community by asking entrepreneurs and techies to profile themselves during #NPRBlacksinTech “A Read more…

African Americans Choose Tech & Code as Next Movement

By Ayori S. 4 Comments

Organizations nationwide made a surge during Computer Science Education week to ensure African American youth are prepared to engage in the emerging need for code literacy. Code literacy in the African American community is no longer a conversation about awareness, Read more…

HBCU Innovation Summit in Silicon Valley

By Jewell Sparks 1 Comment

UNCF (the United Negro College Fund) is currently hosting its inaugural National HBCU (Historically Black College and University) Innovation Summit at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.  The Summit takes place October 29 – November 1, 2013 and serves as Read more…

Silicon Valley: Growing the Network

By Ayori S. 0 Comments

The conversation around diversity is so broken right now it often doesn’t even sound like it’s about people. It comes off like a conversation for policy, regulation, and it sounds like a pill. Diversity isn’t just race and gender and Read more…

Nixon’s Farm Will Let the Sunshine In

By Faye Anderson 0 Comments

A new Gallup poll found that Americans want the U.S. to focus on developing domestic energy sources. In every region of the country, solar is the alternative energy source of choice. Seventy-six percent of all Americans want more emphasis on solar Read more…

The #Emperor Has No Followers

By Donte' Ormsby 4 Comments

Am I crazy, or does social media have a poor ROI? This all started off as a result of an honest question. “Do you know any companies that have successfully used social media to increase sales?” My client looked at Read more…

Culture that Inspires DIY Mentality Builds Tech Stars

By Ayori S. 1 Comment

The first time I heard the quote “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” I got a geek rush. My brain immediately went flipping through every failure I’d seen where the strategy was perfect, but failure ensued anyway. I thought even more Read more…

Do You Have Any Good Ideas? – Black Inventors, Think Patents!! (Part 2)

By Henry McKelvey 0 Comments

When developing a patent one must understand that the patent must be unique and able to be used for a purpose. Inventors are hackers, and hackers are inventors. Knowing this is one thing that provides comfort in the world of technology. There is diversity, but that diversity remains greatly unknown and untapped. So as the title says: Do You Have Any Good Ideas? – Black Inventors, Think Patents!! Continue reading


By Donte' Ormsby 2 Comments

On any given day I received anywhere between 4 to 8 emails and 2 or 3 phone calls, all related to the same topic: recruiters looking for viable candidates to fill positions. The problem many of these recruiters encounter is Read more…

Are You Prepared for the Natural Gas Boom?

By Faye Anderson 1 Comment

There’s gold in them thar rocks. More accurately, natural gas produced from Marcellus Shale is as good as gold. The geologic formation covers much of Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and portions of New York, Ohio, Maryland and Virginia. Pennsylvania’s first energy Read more…

Get Your 10,000 Hours In

By Cleavon J. Blair 0 Comments

The other day at lunch I was approached by a newbie software engineer I’ve known for a few months with the following question: “Mr. Blair, how does one go about becoming a better, more efficient software engineer?” I had the Read more…

#BITTechTalk episode #31 with guest Jason Young

By Blacks In Tech 0 Comments

In this episode of the Blacks In Technology podcast, Greg sits down with Jason Young of the Hidden Genius Project, an organization focused on teaching software development to at risk 15-18 year old black males. Founded in Oakland CA., the Hidden Genius Project Read more…

#BITTechTalk episode #21 with guest Curtiss Pope

By Blacks In Tech 0 Comments

In this episode of the Blacks In Technology podcast, Greg Greenlee and Ronnie Hash sits down and talks with Curtiss Pope, CEO/Founder of Aislefinder, a software application that helps you to locate items in your grocery store.  We discuss some of the technology behind the Aislefinder Read more…

#BITTechTalk episode #20 with guest Hadiyah Mujhid

By Blacks In Tech 0 Comments

In this episode of the Blacks In Technology podcast, Greg and Ronnie talk with guest, Hadiyah Mujhid.Hadiyah is a software engineer and entrepreneur. She hold an MBA in Information Systems from Drexel University as well as a BS in Computer Science from University of Maryland Eastern Read more…

#BITTechTalk episode #14 with guest Kevin V. Michael

By Blacks In Tech 0 Comments

In this episode of the Blacks In Technology podcast, Greg interviews Kevin V. Michael, Co-Founder and Managing partner at Invizio http://www.invizio.com overseeing business development, strategic partnerships and client relations for the company. Kevin is an Antiguan-born entrepreneur and corporate alumnus of Motorola and Citigroup Read more…

#BITTechTalk episode #8 with guest Aaron Kali

By Blacks In Tech 0 Comments

In this episode of the Blacks In Technology podcast, Greg Greenlee and Ronnie Hash talk with Aaron Kali. Aaron resides from New York but is originally from Tanzania Africa. Aaron talks about The 360 Virtual Tours of America, which is Read more…

#BITTechTalk episode #7 with guest Arielle Scott pt. 2

By Blacks In Tech 0 Comments

In this episode of the Blacks In Technology podcast, we reconnect with Arielle Scott. Last week we had some technical difficulties and lost half the podcast. This week Arielle Scott returns to speak with us again. In this podcast we Read more…

#BITTechTalk episode #6 with guest Arielle Scott pt. 1

By Blacks In Tech 0 Comments

In this episode of the Blacks In Technology podcast, Greg and Ronnie talks with Arielle Scott (http://thearielle.com).   Arielle is a very accomplished African American woman who is a self proclaimed part-time artist, part-time entrepreneur, full time bad-ass. She is Read more…

#BITTechTalk episode #2 with guest Kai Dupe

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In this episode of the Blacks In Technology podcast Greg Greenlee speaks with Kai Dupe.  Kai is an author, software engineer, technology trainer, speaker and mentor. Kai runs the website Where are Blacks In Technology Very inspiring interview!!! Listen Now: