BIT at Solid 2014: Where Hardware and Software Meet Everywhere

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Solid is O’Reilly Media’s first conference wholly dedicated to the intersection of hardware and software around what is popularly referred to as IOT or the Internet of Things. Held at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, CA May 21 Read more…

Technical Brief: Analyzing the Cloud Using a Protocol Analyzer

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While working at Verizon Laboratories a group of four African American Distinguished Members of Technical Staff noticed that they could not readily determine if events happening on the Verizon FiOS network were a product of correlation or causation. This was the effect of how protocol analyzers are historically used. This Three Part series will be based on how they developed three systems that permitted them to trace network problems whether they were due to correlation or causation, which many times IT/IS personnel are led down false paths by being unable to determine the difference. Continue reading

Security Tips and tools for the network admin: Security Onion Part 1

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Every day I run into system admins who know about security. Few are security professionals and often time they miss the little hints that might be lurking in the darkness of their own network. The number one threat to a Read more…

BIT Tech Digest Technology Trailblazers – Henry McKelvey (Engineer, Inventor, Educator)

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1. Tell us about your technology background? I started my Electronics career when I was 9 years old. I was messing around with my dad’s TV and ended up taking it apart. Well when he got home I saw what Read more…

Nmap Scanning basics w/ Debian Linux pt. 1

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This is going to be just a basic Nmap scanning tutorial, more advanced tutorials about Nmap will come later. Let’s begin. So what is Nmap? Nmap is for all intent purposes, a port scanner. You might ask, “Well what is Read more…


OpenFlows role in SDN

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A fairly common question about Software Defined Networking (SDN) is how Openflow fits into the approach.  SDN is a pretty broad topic with many supporting technologies and delivery methods, some of which still need to be developed.  But overall SDN Read more…

A dose of Nagios pt.1

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Hey that rhymed!!! OK, I couldn’t help myself, it’s the hip-hop in me. plus I’m excited to finally write about Nagios. I’ve used Nagios in my workplace for the past 5 years and have really become more intimate with the Read more…

#BITTechTalk episode #17 with guest Samara Lynn

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In this episode of the Blacks In Technology podcast, Greg sits down and talks with tech guru/wifi enthusiast/comic book collector,  Samara Lynn. We cover just about everything from wifi goodness to Batgirl to being a woman in tech. Great episode. About Samara Lynn: Samara Read more…