Gear Up for NSBE’s 2017 Summer Engineering Experience for Kids Program

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The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) will be hosting its 2017 Summer Engineering Experience for Kids (SEEK) program across 15 US cities. The program is in its 11th year and is the nation’s largest summer engineering program geared towards African-American youth. Continue reading

Nineteen Year Old Author Raises STEM Awareness With Children’s Book

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A lack of diversity in STEM fields inspired 19-year-old Washington D.C. native, Sasha Ariel Alston, to address the issue head on by authoring a children’s book: Sasha Savvy Loves to Code. Continue reading

Science Club for Girls Launches #STEMtoShine Matching Gift Challenge: Triple the Impact!

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  CAMBRIDGE, November 9th, 2015 ­ ​Science Club for Girls SCFG) (is launching a special opportunity to strengthen its work and mission of fostering excitement, confidence and literacy in STEM for girls. During the campaign, taking place between November 9th and December 9th, Read more…

Boys and Girls Club of America partners with Comcast NBC Universal to launch tech initiative

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The Boys and Girls Club of America has been a fixture in America’s inner city communities for quite a long time. Their mission is “to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as Read more…

What no one at #IGF2014 is courageous enough to address about #childsafetyonline

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Internet Global Forum was developed to discuss public policy issues related to key elements of Internet governance “in order to foster the sustainability, robustness, security, stability and development of the Internet” (among other key activities) through engaging with multiple stakeholders Read more…


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MindBlown Labs CEO Joins Presidential Advisory Council President Obama recently announced the appointment of Jason Young, Co-Founder and CEO of MindBlown Labs, to his special Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans. MindBlown Labs is an Oakland education technology Read more…

What is a Hackathon Anyway? Behind the Scenes, Organizing Startup Weekend Oakland – Black Male Achievement

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I love Oakland. I always have. There is a specialness in the people of this area we like to call the “town”. There is a special history of this region as well which makes the conversation of technology and innovation Read more…

Entrepreneurs and Affordable Care Act, Subsidies are Available

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Recently, I was asked to provide a quote for a journalist of a tech publication wanting to write a story on minority entrepreneurs and health care.  The question really got my head spinning and as a result, I am sharing Read more…

African Americans Choose Tech & Code as Next Movement

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Organizations nationwide made a surge during Computer Science Education week to ensure African American youth are prepared to engage in the emerging need for code literacy. Code literacy in the African American community is no longer a conversation about awareness, Read more…

The Road to 50: Podcast: African Americans on the role of Higher Education in Innovation

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How many times in your life have you heard someone say “go to college so you can get a good job”? Sadly I’ve heard this statement so many times I can’t even count it. I’ve heard it said by educators, Read more…

The Road to 50: African American Youth Share Their Stories in “Their Voices”

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The dialog about African American youth battling against the odds has been told time and time again. The pervasive story of successful youth in technology is generally not depicted as young faces of color. Look nearly anywhere and you’ll hear Read more…

#BITTechTalk episode #47 “How to raise a coder”

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In this episode of the Blacks In Technology podcast Greg and Ayori sit down with the parents of coder as we discuss ways on raising a coder. Listen:

The Road to 50: African American Parents Share Tips, “How to Raise a Coder”

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Many parents support their children in team sports and some hope their child might be the next Michael Jordan, LeBron James, or Kobe Bryant, but the truth is few will make it to the million dollar ranks in sports, and Read more…

#BITTechTalk episode #39 with guest William Jackson

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In this episode of the Blacks In Technology podcast, Greg sits down and talks with techie/educator William Jackson.  William is the founder of the the site  He is a teacher and a frequent blogger and speaker. Follow William on Twitter: @wmjackson Read more…

Culture that Inspires DIY Mentality Builds Tech Stars

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The first time I heard the quote “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” I got a geek rush. My brain immediately went flipping through every failure I’d seen where the strategy was perfect, but failure ensued anyway. I thought even more Read more…