Developers – Does typing speed matter?

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This week pairing with Tammer Saleh has been pretty cool. Its a great opportunity and I’m learning a lot. My main reasons for joining the TBL team is to ramp up my developer skills. The first feedback from Tammer, after our pairing session was that I didn’t know how to type. Actually, he told me I wasn’t allowed to ‘drive’ anymore until I learned how to type.

Ok? Me? Techie me? I don’t know how to type? I’m on a computer most of the day, typing emails, tweeting, and blogging (not really). How can I not be a proficient typer? I filed this comment in the randomness of all things Tammer, until yesterday. I saw a tweet from hacker news with a link to is a typing app for developers. So, this speed typing is actually a thing. So, much of a thing that someone made an app for typing practice. A couple of google searches revealed more posts of typing speed being a factor for developers. I’m not a two finger pecker. But according to wpm speeds posted online by developers, I may be a remedial typer at 47wpm. A couple of blog posts suggest that developers should have typing speeds on 60+ wpm.

So, I’ll be practicing my typing skills to earn the keys to ‘drive’. Just curious, if you’re a developer, does typing speed matter? Also, what’s your wpm?

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  • 63 on the second try, 50 on the first! Haven’t typed for speed in ages!
    I think the special characters associated with programming are going to be harder than what is
    going on at that site.

    Yeah I’m having a problem thinking that typing speed matters, but I do believe knowing the short cuts matters, such as in the case of using an editor like Vim or Emacs.