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Blacks In Technology is looking to expand our efforts of increasing diversity in tech through community and media, and we need dedicated individuals that can serve as volunteers to help move the organization forward.

Since these are part-time volunteer positions, we will make it a point to respect your time. We just ask that if it becomes too much of a commitment for whatever reason, you let Greg Greenlee know before it becomes unmanageable.

The marketing team will be responsible for the strategy, coordination, creation and execution of all of BIT’s marketing efforts which includes social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.), newsletter design and content creation (Mailchimp), and all PR announcements. This team will also be responsible for measuring the effectiveness of campaigns (and reporting to BIT leadership). This team will work closely with the Digital Experience and Chief Editor to schedule and curate content for all

Digital Experience
The digital experience team will be responsible for the design, implementation, and management of current BIT web experiences — core site, blog, forum, slack best practices, and digital asset creation / maintenance for social media (in cooperation with marketing and business development). This team will also lead the direction of BIT’s future tech initiatives.

Chief Editor
The Chief Editor will be responsible for the strategic direction of the BIT tech blog in regards to content based upon BIT’s vision and mission. He/she will be responsible for creating content standards (e.g. themes, voice and tone guidelines), some content creation and proofreading (in collaboration with marketing), and manage content contributions from the community. This includes soliciting contributions, choosing a channel (e.g. forum, blog, podcast), providing guidelines to the contributor, and final pass editing.

Business Development/Strategic Partnerships
This person will be responsible for developing BIT’s business strategy and coordinating strategic partnerships. They will work with marketing for campaign coordination; BIT leadership for “vision alignment” (i.e. to identify partners that reflect well on BIT’s strategic goals); and Chief Editor to ensure BizDev materials align to overall BIT messaging strategy.

Community Manager
The Community Manager will be responsible for the coordination and organization of BIT meetups. They will also be responsible for creating online community activities and events such as #AMA’s, as well as creating forum discussions and finding forum moderators.

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